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The DNA SIG is led by Peggy Jude. Peggy has been conducting genealogical research for her family and clients for over 40 years. Peggy is a member of the board of the Manatee Genealogical Society and holds a BS in Zoology from Iowa State and a Masters from the University of Michigan.‚Äč She is an alumnus of the Genealogical Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP) and the Institute for Genealogy and History Research (IGHR), completing a full week in-depth course on DNA Tools and Techniques.SIG Meeting Handouts and other pertinent materials referenced at the meeting are provided here for download.
Date Title Presentation Handouts
December 2018 Which Matches Do I Pursue? Matches to Pursue (0.6 MB PDF) 
January 2019
What is GEDmatch and Why Should
I Use It?
February 2019
How Do I Determine How My Matches are Related to Me?

How My Matches are Related to Me? (3.3 MB PDF)
March 2019
What Can You do with Your DNA and New Tools!