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Bethany Baptist
(Manatee County)
"On August 26, 1911, A. R. Rich, James Corbitt and W. A. Stewart were appointed to mark out a place for a cemetery on Bethany Church property. Measuring committee were Sam Phillips, James Corbitt and J. R. Swain. (Copied from Church records). The first person laid to rest in this cemetery was Elsie Foot, born December 4, 1825 and died, August 22, 1912. In later years, a young man who had been killed in a train wreck in 1909, was transferred from a cemetery in Hillsborough County, Florida. That cemetery has been discontinued. This was Randel Barber, born August 18, 1892 and died November 11, 1909. The  third person to be interred in Bethany Cemetery was Leffie Taylor, born March 26, 1905 and died December 31, 1912. In the Fall of 1922 or 1923, an unknown man, who said, ''Just call me Joe,'' died at  Oak Knoll, just three miles from Bethany Church and was buried in the Bethany Cemetery." Information supplied by Mrs. G. E. Dupree, Myakka City. (Summary prepared about 1980).
Bethany Baptist Cemetery