Do you have an ancestor or individual of interest that was burried in Manatee County in the period 1850 to 1980? If the ansyer is yes or maybe, then you should check out the Surname Index for your individuals of interest. A surmane index to the tombstone inscription survey can help a researcher determine if possible ancestors or parties of interest are included in the book. The book index is 89 pages and represents well over 8,000 surnames. The index provides the surname and the page numbers for locating the individual(s) and any related information (inscription, etc.) in the fully compiled Tombstone Book
  • Searchable PDF Surname Index for the Tombstone Survey   This link will open the searchable PDF file in a new window. To perform a search, click on the Search icon that resides in the menu bar at the top of the open file page; if the Search icon is not visible, just left click on the page. Or since the file is of reasonable length, one can just scroll through the alphebetical list looking for individuals of interest. If using the search tool, be aware that surnames with prefixes (Van, De, Di, Mc, etc.) may be entered with a space rather than combined as one word. For searching the text, it is best to try both ways for surnames with this characteristic.
What is Your Next Step?.  You now have found the names and page numbers for some possile ancestors or individuals of interest. If you are an MGS Member you can access the Tombstone Book in our Members Publication Section. If you are not a member, a number of bound volumes of the Tombstone Book reside locally at the Manatee County Library and the Historical Records Library in Bradenton, FL. Also, check your local library for a possible interlibrary loan. Or you can join MGS and have full access to all member benefits.